UMWomen – Program Calendar

2021 Program Calendar

April 17th District Spring Meeting via Zoom

April 19th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: Unbound to Share Good News


May 17th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: Bold Steps in Defiance of Injustice


June 21st Monday 10 a.m.

Program: Learning in Community


July Monday 10 a.m.

Program: Knit Together with the Earth

July 20-23 Mission U

University of Indiana Tuesday – Friday 


August 16th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: Generous Hearts and Strong Threads


September 20th Monday 10 a.m.

September 21st 10am Monday

Program: Pledge to Mission – Knitted Together and Reaching Out


October 18th Monday 10 a.m.

October 1 & 2 Annual Meeting

St. Andrew U.M.C. Indianapolis

October 22-24 Silent Retreat

St. Joseph Retreat Center Tipton Indiana


November 20th Saturday Bazaar??

November 6th Leadership, Development and Officer Training St. Luke’s UMC Kokomo


December- no meeting

Merry Christmas


Please note that all events are subject to be changed to a virtual format depending on the pandemic and restrictions on activities.