UMWomen – Program Calendar

2022 Program Calendar


January 17th Monday 10am

Program: Land shall observe our Sabbath


February 21st Monday 10am

Program: Reaching for the garments of healing


March 21st Monday 10am

Program: Call to prayer and self-denial

Love, Justice & service- answering the call

Make eggs March 22, 24, 29, 31


April 18th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: One with each other- One with the world

Make eggs April 5, 7

Selling eggs at Stracks April 8


May 16th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: Have a Tea


June 20th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: The news is here

Thursday the 16th possible salad bar


July 18th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: The old order of things has passed away


August 15th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: For everything there is a season


September 19th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: World Thank Offering


October 17th Monday 10 a.m.

Program: Talk about Bazaar and election of officers


November 16th Thursday Bazaar set-up 5-8

November 17th Friday Bazaar set-up 9-1

November 19th Saturday Bazaar 9-1

Pie making: November 1, 3, 10, 15, 17


December- no meeting

Merry Christmas

Please note that all events are subject to be changed to a virtual format depending on the pandemic and restrictions on activities.